You’re Invited to Brogan Woodburn’s College Senior Recital

Brogan is a City Music Scholarship recipient.  Originally from Portland, Oregon, he would drive from Portland to attend the City Music program at our Network site in Seattle, Washington.  “The City Music program helped me learn skills like improvising in a group setting and blending with other musicians in a band. We played some jazz tunes also, and that was my first experience in jazz performance.”

Brogan’s parents have always been supportive of his musical talent and have encouraged him to pursue his dreams at all times. “They helped me receive good guitar lessons from successful musicians in Portland, and once I started playing guitar, I began to perform at my church pretty regularly; in most months I played every weekend.”  Berklee has been his dream school since he heard that the members of Dream Theater met here.

In the words of Brogan his recital is “a pithy amalgamation of all the best music in the world squeezed in through my ears and out through my guitar in a slew of original compositions.”  All pieces this Shostakovichian-Metal-Jazz power trio will perform are written by Brogan Woodburn, with the exception of one piece by Porcupine Tree.

Group Members: Brogan Woodburn-Guitar, Austin Devries-Drum Set and Aaron Liao-bass.

The Fiasco will take place on February 15th, 2013

Place: 1140 Boylston St., Room 1W

Time: 4:00 pm, Doors open at 3:45

Admission is FREE!


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