Counter-Classical Boombap with City Music Alum, Erica Telisnor


When you listen to Abstract Scenario’s second rehearsal track on soundcloud, it’s categorized as “counter-classical boombap”.  Then you move onto fusion, hip hop, and jazz, but these categories are simply that.  Abstract Scenario are all about creating abstractions of these various musical styles, and the inspiration for such musical adventure and foundation was learned early on for Erica Telisnor, who attended Berklee City Music’s Preparatory Academy and High School Academy.

“Berklee City Music has broadened my understanding of the music I liked to play and to listen to with the ‘breakdown’ of the theory behind it.  My first harmony class consisted of learning the circle of 5ths and the order of sharps and flats.   That concept alone had me blown at age 14.  At age 20, I’m still baffled by little quirks pertaining to counterpoint and advanced harmonic structures.  City Music gave me the foundation so that I’m better able to tackle the material I am now learning today.”

She also credits a fellow City Music alum for pushing her to practice because in the music industry, women still need to work harder to stand out.

Erica feels “blessed” by all of the opportunities that she says has been given “so freely” by Berklee City Music.  It has obviously made an impact on her future goals.  This summer, Abstract Scenario, plan to raise funds for organizations that specifically target poverty in Boston.  She’s already begun her first project and hopes to plan larger events to tackle  homelessness and poverty.

The band includes two of our college scholarship students: Omar Sosa and Jackson Mann

Abstract Scenario play next Wednesday, 3/27.  Details here:

Be there to support!

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