City Music Student: Josue Raymond

Meet Josue Raymond, a Berklee City Music student and 5th year Music Business major at Berklee.  He started in the City Music Preparatory Academy in the Fall of 2006 while in middle school. Josue then continued in the City Music ‘Upper School’, now the High School Academy.  Josue recently posted his first video on YouTube, a drum cover of the SWV song “I Missed Us”.  This is just one of many projects Josue is currently working on.

Josue has also been working to launch his own apparel line called “18:16 Apparel”.  To spread the word about the “18:16 Apparel” he is currently writing and producing an online trailer.  Josue credits City Music for teaching him how to brand himself early on.  He said that when he started with City Music he had very low self-esteem, but the staff was great at motivating and influencing him, acting as his “musical parents”.

Josue, is a very busy student. He is traveling to Madrid for a month this summer to continue to develop his music.  He is also hoping to launch more YouTube videos, while also working with other Berklee musicians on their projects.

Check out Josue’s first YouTube video below.


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