Charles Kim from A Place Called Home Published by Harvard Educational Review

Charles Kim

Music Department Coordinator, Charles Kim, of A Place Called Home, recently wrote an article published by the Harvard Educational Review discussing the importance of integrating art into everyday life. With an emphasis on education, Kim suggests that music needs to return to communities. “It’s exciting to see music education reach a much broader, international audience,” Charles explains.

Charles’ research explores the formation of transformative aesthetics, particularly as it relates to cultivating the creative visions, social agency, and artistic expression of children living in violent neighborhoods.  As a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, he has written extensively on the subject of community formation, the limits of creativity, and the ethics of nonviolence.

A Place Called Home is a non-profit community center in South Central Los Angeles that serves four-hundred children daily with educational programs, counseling, and mentorship, and is a member of the Berklee City Music Network.

Charles’ great love is producing, composing, and playing music, with his most recent production, “Home:Word,” hitting number 2 on iTunes Japan.  Charles believes that the purpose of music—or art in general—is simply to bring people together.

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