Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center

Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center is located in Columbus, Ohio and has two education programs.  The Career Center offers half-day vocational courses in a number of health and medical programs, business computer information systems, and the visual and performing arts.  All with the focus to prepare students at marketplace proficiency.  The Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School focuses on a rigorous college preparatory program and a rich immersion in the arts (music, dance, theatre, and visual art).

Mr. Donavan rehearses the Fort Hayes Jazz Band
Mr. Donavan rehearses the Fort Hayes Jazz Band

In 2009 Fort Hayes was recognized as one of America’s Best School by U.S. News & World Report, and in 2012 won a Grammy Award as a 2012 Grammy Signature School.  The Grammy Signature Schools program recognizes high performing U.S. public high schools who are making excellent commitments to music education during the school year.

Fort Hayes Grammy Award

On our visit to Fort Hayes we saw some amazing performances, both in school and later that evening at Boudin’s Jazz Bistro, where a the students put on a concert.  Here are some those moments for your enjoyment.

Fort Hayes Photos on Instagram (@BerkleeCMN)



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