The Vinyl Revival

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The resurgence of vinyl records has officially come full circle.  Young people are looking for LP records the way they did a few decades ago.

According to a New York Times article by Allan Kozinn, “These days, every major label and many smaller ones are releasing vinyl, and most major new releases have a vinyl version, leading to a spate of new pressing plants.”

One of the most successful examples of the vinyl revival is the French-electronica group, Daft Punk, who, according to Nielsen SoundScan sold 19,000 vinyl copies in the first week of the release of their album, “Random Access Memories.”

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While vinyl sales still make up a small percentage of over all record sales, it is significant enough of a contribution that stated in an article, “…vinyl’s ascension has moved beyond the realm of cool into an important moneymaker for key niches in the U.S. music industry.”

Vinyl records will continue play a large role in sales, but it will be a slow process. According to Eric Astor of Furnace MFG in Fairfax, Va., the cost of a vinyl press can be as much as $500,000.

It will take time to see how quickly vinyl sales will continue to grow. But the point is that they are back and increasingly profitable. As long as there is a demand for long play records, it will be important to find a sustainable supply.

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