City Music Spotlight: Erica Parra

kika blanco y negro

Network Site: Boys & Girls Harbor

Grade: 12

Hometown: North Bergen, NJ

Instrument: Percussion

Number of Years Playing: 4

Favorite Musician: Joe Arroyo

What does Berklee City Music mean to you and what are your goals at 5-week?

I feel that Berklee City Music is going to open doors for me. It’s giving me  an opportunity to learn from the teachers there. It’s going to let me meet new people and create exciting and unforgettable memories. My goal at the 5-week program is to show what I do and where it comes from. Hopefully I’ll get something good out of it.

What is it about music that makes you want to be a musician and pursue it as a career? 

Music, in my opinion, is a way to express your feelings through your instrument. I want this as my career because I’m dedicated to the everyday hard work that it takes to be a musician.

Who’s had the greatest influence on your life and why?

My family and friends have definitely been the greatest influence in my life. There’s no other love and support like theirs and I know that’s all I need in me to continue doing what I do. My success in life is because of them.

Outside of music what are your interests and hobbies? 

Music is really all I’m focused on but, I love hanging out with my family and friends. I love creating memories in my life.


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