City Music Spotlight: Gerardo Lopez


Grade: Recent High School Graduate

Network Site: A Placed Called Home

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Instrument: Flute

Number of Years Playing: 7

Favorite Record: Diggin’ Deeper – The Roots Of Acid Jazz -Vol 5: Herbie Mann on Watermelon Man

Favorite Musician: Emmanuel Pahud

First Song Learned: The Theme from Batman

What does Berklee City Music mean to you and what are your goals at 5-week?

Berklee City Music means opportunity. If it had not been for the work and efforts of the faculty and staff that are involved with the organization, I would have not received the amazing opportunities and experiences I have come to know and would certainly not be the musician I am today. Here I am in Boston attending the Berklee Five-Week program. I plan on learning and playing as much as I can, meeting new friends and professors, growing more intimate with the Berklee City Music community, and hope to explore as much of Boston as my legs will allow me to.

What is it about music that makes you want to be a musician and pursue it as a career?

When I try to answer this question, I hear the words a music instructor spoke after a rehearsal. Musicians are heroes, he said, because they live life on the edge; one day they wake up and they know where they are going and what they are doing, other days they are just trying to get by. That lifestyle takes courage and wisdom to live, because they are literally on the front lines of life. For me, wanting to pursue a career in music goes back to me wanting to be a hero, someone who makes the world just a bit better with what superpower they have, in my case it would be music.

Who’s had the greatest influence on your life and why?

My younger sister has been a great influence in my life, even though it may not seem like it at times when she is talking on the phone at 2 a.m. and I am on the other side of the room trying to sleep. I try my best at becoming a good role model for her, showing her what can be achieved through hard work and dedication, not to give up when things may get shaky because the situation will improve. When I encounter tough times, I push and think in my head that I should not give in, because really anything I, she, or anyone else dreams of, can be possible.

Outside of music what are your interests and hobbies?

Interests that I hold other than music include astronomy and other sciences, poetry and literature, international affairs, and philosophy. Some of my hobbies, other than practicing range from playing chess, to reading, catching up on the news, watching documentaries, scrolling through articles online, enjoying walks on warm afternoons, and going to the movie theaters.

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