City Music Spotlight: Henry Oyekanmi


Grade: 12th

Network Site: East Bay Performing Arts Center

Hometown: Oakland, Ca

Instrument: Drums

Number Of Years Playing: 5.5 years

Favorite Record: Ryan Leslie

Favorite Musician: Ronald Bruner, Jr.

First Song Learned: Billie’s Bounce – Charlie Parker

What does Berklee City Music mean to you and what are your goals at 5-week?

Berklee City Music is a door opening, that gives me opportunities I cannot dream of getting on my own. It’s like a family to me, full of people who support me and encourage me to succeed. My goals during five week are to really push myself harder than I ever have to, reach new heights in music that I haven’t before, and achieve the opportunity to become a fulltime student at Berklee College Of Music.

 What is it about music that makes you want to be a musician and pursue it as a career?

Music to me is like breathing. It’s something inside of me that has to come out. Music is who I am, and how I define myself as a person. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else because music is such an intricate part of who I am.

Who’s had the greatest influence on your life and why?

My Grandmother had the greatest influence in my life because she was always there for me and told me I could do anything that I put my heart and mind to. She was one of my greatest music supporters. Before she died she told me to not let anything stand in the way of my dreams, to work hard, have faith, and excel in life and music.

Outside of music what are your interests and hobbies?

Outside of music I have three interests: animals, watching movies, and mentoring kids which I find very soothing. My hobbies are participating in sports such as football, basketball, and tennis.


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