City Music Boston Mentoring Program At a Glance

Berklee City Music, Boston, has many programs for Boston-area youth.  Here’s a brief intro to the Mentoring Program.

The Mentoring Program is the oldest of the City Music programs, started by J. Curtis Warner, Jr. in 1993 to provide music education to youth in underserved communities. It is a volunteer-based program in which college students support, encourage, and teach musical growth to 7th-12th grade students. Each student is matched with a Berklee Mentor with whom they meet once per week for a 30-minute one-to-one coaching. Additionally, they participate in a weekly ensemble and theory class. With 40 students and 41 active mentors in the program, over 100 hours of learning occur each week.

As you can see, there’s a lot of music happening over the course of one week.

CMMP Blog PostStay tuned for more posts on the Mentoring Program!


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