Inspired in Memphis

We’re busy gathering all of the wonderful feedback and footage from the conference to share with the Network.   Thanks to the Network and all attendees for your comments.  As we grow, we need YOUR input.

Here’s what was said, which will motivate, challenge, and push us to make the 2014 Conference in LA a greater success.

Hidden gem!!

I enjoyed opening my mind to new ideas. I walked away feeling like I had a glimpse into a bigger world, and that inspired me to be stronger.  I also enjoyed the exposure to the Stax program.  The PULSE curriculum is inspired by American soul music and seeing that passion in action helped me connect some of the fundamental goals more thoroughly.

Strength of conference: The interaction and passion shared by liked-minded individuals supporting best practices in music education. The education enrichment varies from organization to organization but they all share the common goal of reaching all children no matter where they are. 

Articulate speakers fusing the creative and educational perspectives

Great Conference – looking forward to LA in 2014!


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