Victor Wooten Workshop at Stax Music Academy

Victor Wooten autographs a student’s bass.

Stax Music Academy (SMA) students were recently treated to a master class with five-time GRAMMY Award-winning bassist, Victor Wooten. All student musicians were invited to participate and bass players got the rare opportunity to engage in a Q&A and jam with one of the world’s foremost players of the instrument.  Wooten is a bass player, composer, author and producer. He has won the “Bass Player of the Year” award from Bass Player magazine three times in a row, and was the first person to win the award more than once.

Students who attended the workshop all agreed that it was inspiring.  SMA student Solomon Smith said about the workshop, “It was exciting and nice. The workshop inspired me to change my mindset on how I approach music.”

David McKenzie added, “The workshop was wonderful, it was the best workshop I have ever been to. It really touched my heart and inspired me to want more out of my guitar.”


Article and photos courtesy of Stax Music Academy.

For more information please read Soulsville Foundation and Stax Music Academy Newsletter: Click Here


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