A Special Holiday Wish List from Sitar Arts Center

As we approach the holidays, we all hope to find that perfect gift for our children.  But, let’s face it, most of the time, our kids end up bored with their toys and move on to the next hot item.   Our network partner site, Sitar Arts Center, from Washington, D.C. came up with this brilliant idea, one that will last – give children opportunities as a gift that will make a lasting impact.

Check out Sitar Arts Center’s unique Holiday Wish List.


By choosing a gift from our Holiday Wish List, you will help support 850 underserved children and youth learn vital 21st century skills through the arts. Eighty percent of our school-aged students come from families with low incomes, and Sitar Arts Center offers arts learning and a positive, caring community for each and every child.

During this season of giving, please purchase a gift from our Holiday Wish List today. Thanks to generous and compassionate community members like you who support our work, Sitar Arts Center can continue to be the safe haven and artistic home to underserved children and youth in our community.

sitar 2


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