The Goodyear Blimp, Ice Cube, and the Good Day Blimp Fundraiser Support A Place Called Home

If you haven’t been following the Good Day Blimp Fundraiser get ready because it’s happening.  If you live in Los Angeles look to the skies on January 20 for the Goodyear Blimp.  It is a key part in the fundraiser that will support our Network member, A Place Called Home.

The concept of the fundraiser comes from Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day,” where he details a violence-free day in South Central Los Angeles.  The song is fiction, but comedian Donovan Strain analyzed the song and figured out that the “Good Day” was January 20, 1992.

Four friends, Jon Barco, Andy Dao, Bryan Denman, and Michael Lopez, took inspiration from this and put together this fundraiser to remind people that good days do exist and to persuade Goodyear to fly the blimp for charity.  Their goal is to raise $25,000 through Crowdtilt and are currently halfway there.

The project was written about by CNN’s Jarrett Bellini, where he was able to interview Ice Cube at the CNN Center in Atlanta while promoting his new move Ride Along.  Click here to read Bellini’s article for more information about the fundraiser, the song, and Strain’s research.

Additionally, when Ice Cube was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on January 15, he promoted the fundraiser and committed to helping it reach the monetary goal by donating the difference to get the project to $25,000.  Click here to watch the video clip.

Yesterday, Goodyear sent out a Tweet with a letter from Paul Fitzhenry, the Senior Vice President of Global Communications, giving their offer.

Goodyear’s offer reads, “We’d like to fly the Goodyear Blimp on January 20th over Los Angeles, and also use that opportunity to give rides to a group of the kids of A Place Called Home.”  The letter goes on to say, “and one more thing.  To make this a truly GREAT Day for the kids of A Place Called Home, we’re inviting you to Ride Along with the kids and proudly display the message ‘It’s A Good Day’ on the side of the blimp.”

We hope you are able help them reach their goal.  To donate and learn more about the fundraiser please visit their website:  If you donate $60 you will get a limited edition blimp poster by Michael Marsicano.

If not be sure, be sure to take to Twitter using #GoodDayBlimp, @icecube, @GoodyearBlimp, @Gooddayblimp, and @apch2830, and be a part of the “Good Day.”

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