Heroes in the Network: Freddie Jones

Recently, Berklee City Music honored Ms. Sarah-Ann Shaw as an Unsung Hero in the Boston community.  We want to honor other heroes in the Network and we begin with Freddie Jones.

Freddie Jones is the Founder and Artistic Director of Trumpets4Kids, which joined the Berklee City Music Network in 2013.  Under Jones’ leadership, Trumpets4Kids raises money to donate trumpets to students who would otherwise not be able to afford one, and provides mentorship to these aspiring musicians.  The recipients of each trumpet are required to sign a contract, promising to practice at least one hour a day as well as teach and perform their instrument for other kids.

Jones is a composer, producer, and trumpeter who grew up in Memphis, TN who is now based out of Fort Worth, TX.  Whether performing the National Anthem at Dallas Cowboys games, delighting audiences with his band, the Freddie Jones Jazz Group, or inspiring students through his non-profit organization, Jones uses music as a source of inspiration and focus.  Here’s his story:

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