Guest Blogger: Lindsey Stefanski on PULSE and Noteflight


Guest blogger Lindsey Stefanski is a Resident Artist at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center, which is a member of the Berklee City Music Network. Lindsey received the Outstanding PULSE Educator Award at the 2013 BCMN Conference

Since my introduction to PULSE in 2011, my options on how to approach music education have exploded!  There are unreached students that are now excited to get involved in the games and videos and students interested in music now able to explore on their own.  One of PULSE’s greatest features is “Noteflight.”

Noteflight is a tool that students and teachers can use to create their own compositions and share them with another!

From general music classes to band lessons my students at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center (LPPAC) and outreach sites alike have been using Noteflight to explore their own musical creativity.  I have received over 60 scores created by my students and shared with me not to mention the 100 plus users that have scores saved under their own PULSE accounts that have not been shared with me.
Here is a video of one of the many awesome ways that Noteflight can be in one’s class.
The student’s assignment was to create their own composition using any instrument of their choice.  When they presented them in class, we were able to pull them up on a projector so that the whole class could see and hear at once.  Once the students heard the composition, they were able to ask questions to the composer about what they were feeling or why they chose to instruments that they did and so on….
The students had a blast with this and were so excited to share their work with others!  Most of these students are not pursuing music, but were beyond amazed at themselves over what they were able to come up with!


Lindsey Stefanski
Resident Artist; Liason, Berklee City Music Network
Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center
724-576-4644 ext. 1518 or 724-419-4314


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