Guest Blogger: Lindsey Stefanski on the PULSE Trainers Retreat

We welcome back our Guest Blogger, Lindsey Stefanski, who recently attended the PULSE Trainers Retreat in Philadelphia, Feb 6 and 7.   Not even a blizzard and temporary loss of power could stop this group.  It was a time for sharing best practices amongst our Network educators and administrators to help further the vision of PULSE.  

PULSE Retreat

From best practices to revamping the PULSE trainings, the wonderful minds of PULSE teachers from around the country got together to speak their minds.  With Dr. Tom Rudolph as our amazing facilitator, we were able to get into serious talks about where we are in our own practices as well as where we would like to see PULSE go.  With administrator buy in and assessment at the top of the list, PULSE is going to keep moving forward!

Our fearless leaders of The Berklee City Music Network, Dr. Krystal Banfield and J. Curtis Warner, Jr., were instrumental in leading these talks.  They truly want to see PULSE transform and go further into the schools.  They were not afraid to hear the voices of those using it, even if it meant taking constructive criticism about what could be changed and done even better than before.  These fearless leaders are not afraid of change and that is what makes them excellent leaders.

In talking about the positives, the elite team of PULSE teachers and administrators were able to determine the amazing practices already put in place.  Because of this amazing gathering of awesome teachers and administrators, PULSE will continue to move forward and will continue to change the lives of our students across the network!

Guest blogger Lindsey Stefanski is a Resident Artist at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center, which is a member of the Berklee City Music Network. Lindsey received the Outstanding PULSE Educator Award at the 2013 BCMN Conference.

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