City Music Spotlight: Jennifer Aldana


Name: Jennifer Aldana

Network Site: Boston City Music

School:  Berklee College of Music

Grade: 6th Semester (junior)

Hometown: Boston, MA

Instrument: Voice

Number of Years Playing: 14

Favorite Musician: Brooke Fraser

First Song Learned: “God Bless America”

Favorite Record: So hard to choose! One of my favorites at the moment is Twenty One Pilots “Vessels”

What does Berklee City Music mean to you?

Berklee City Music means community and support to me. When I first started City Music in 2009, I felt like I was immediately adopted into this musical family through supportive teachers and encouraging friends. City music also means excellence to me. I’m well aware that the students that are accepted into this program have showcased excellence in what they do, whether in their musicality, lifestyle, skill, or all of the above. It makes it very easy for me to admire or look up to many of the other students in this program.

What is it about music that makes you want to be a musician and potentially pursue it as a career?

Wow, what a good question. There’s so much! When I first began taking music seriously, around the age of 12, I used to use music as an outlet to express myself and cope with situations in life. Now, that I’m a bit older and in college, I still do that, but I feel like I have a healthier relationship with the music I create. It’s now a matter of wanting to play, and wanting to sing, because of the joy it brings me, and the joy it brings other people. There so many musicians out there that have inspired me through their lyrics and their overall message, and I long to do the same for people out there. Being an inspiration to others through music, whether it be to lift someone’s spirit or inspire another person to pursue music, is an ultimate goal for me.

 Who has had the greatest influence on your life and why?

There are many people that have influenced my life, I honestly cannot pick just one person because it’s been a cumulative influence of several people that have influenced my life and kept me going. The first I think of is God, I’m a person of Christian faith and He has been my first influence and inspiration to write, sing, and live life. Secondly, I think of my family. My mom, my dad, my grandmother, my sisters: they have all been so supportive to me and told me to always follow my dreams in music and made me believe that I can and will accomplish my dreams, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Even though, no one in my immediate family is a musician, seeing the way they have each worked so hard to work through life, raise a family, and focus on their own careers has been a big influence to me. Lastly, I think of my best friend, Kevin. He has always pushed me to try new things musically, and take risks when I was second guessing myself. That’s something I consistently need in my life, people that are willing to push me and support me, so I’m super thankful for him!

Outside of music what are your interests and hobbies?

Outside of music, a big hobby of mine is reading. It’s amazing how literature can inspire and open up ones eyes to a different perspective on almost anything. I usually like to read books on faith, how-to books, artist biographies, and fiction/non-fiction books.  Another big passion of mine besides music, is the passion to be a public speaker.  I grew up in church and have always desired to speak in a church setting, or be a motivational speaker for youth in middle/high-school. Those are the years when young people decide who they want to be or how they want to live their lives, and I would love to be a voice to this generation and give some perspective through the ups and downs of my life. I’m just a people person, so anything with counseling, leading others, or speaking really interests me.


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