Jazz Appreciation Month: Transcription Challenge

For Jazz Appreciation Month we are having a transcription challenge for Berklee City Music Network students.  Students can choose from one of three solos to transcribe (listed below) and upload either a video of them playing the transcription and/or a JPEG or PDF of the handwritten transcription to our Facebook or Twitter page.  The first 10 students to submit a transcription with at least 70% accuracy will receive City Music swag!

The due date is International Jazz Day, April 30, 2014.


  • Must be an official Berklee City Music Network student, attending one of our 46 Network members
  • You must transcribe one of the three solos listed below
  • First 10 to submit with at least 70% transcription accuracy will receive the prizes
  • Submission must be made by 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time on April 30, 2014
  • If submitting a video do not play along with it
  • If submitting a written version submit in the key of your instrument. Must be handwritten.
  • Transcriptions must be uploaded on the Berklee City Music Network Facebook page or Tweeted at our Twitter page (@BerkleeCMN)
  • Those who submit via Facebook must also like us on Facebook
  • Those who submit via Twitter must also follow us on Twitter
  • In your submission you must tell us your Network site by tagging them in the post


  • Berklee City Music Network Swag
  • Prizes will be sent to students’ Network site director
  • The winners will get a special feature on our blog

Solos to Transcribe

1) Cannonball Adderley Solo from “Freddie Freeloader” on Kind of Blue (alto saxophone, 6:22 minute mark)

2) Chet Baker’s Solo from “Autumn Leaves” on She Was Too Good For Me (trumpet, 0:51 minute mark)

3) Herbie Hancock’s Solo from “Watermelon Man” on Takin’ Off (piano, 4:43 minute mark)




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