Quotes by John Mayer and Chick Corea


“It’s my failure to sound like my heroes that’s allowed me to sound like myself.”

“Fender Custom Shop made this nickel plated Strat…believe it or not, it sounds incredible.” – John Mayer

“I’m going to follow wherever you take me. I’m going to trust this guitar.”

“If you had started doing anything two weeks ago, by today you would have been two weeks better at it.”

“I’d like to think the best of me was still hiding up my sleeve.”

“Music has kept me centered through any kind of struggle in my life.”

John Mayer and Aaron Sterling

“Be yourself, even if that means being unsure and uneasy. Let someone else put you at ease. Meet them in the middle. Be sincere.”

“Born and Raised was the song that showed me that if you’re honest, if you’re a little braver than you want to be it can pay off.”

“I’m doing this because it’s my calling. Not because I’m here to show anybody anything.”

“Anybody who tells you to have a fallback plan are people who had a fallback plan, didn’t follow their dreams, and don’t want you to either.”

Chick Corea


“I got a chance to listen to and watch Thelonious Monk and his quartet play two shows a night, for six weeks. It was a great education. There was my university, man.”

“Without a doubt, my richest relationships are my long-term friendships with musical partners, because we make music together. That’s what we love to do with our lives.”

“Every time I see a musician – it doesn’t matter what age – that inspires me, there’s always a secret little wish that maybe we’ll play together, because that’s how I learn and grow and so forth, you know. But hopefully there’s a lot more.”

Chick Corea and Christian McBride

“The sound of the orchestra is one of the most magnificent musical sounds that has ever existed.”

“Art is a subject that is inundated with opinions. In fact, that’s all it is about is opinions.”

“You’ve got to create the space, then fill it.”

“Only play what you hear. If you don’t hear anything, don’t play anything.”

Chick Corea

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Chick Corea
John Mayer







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