Ableton: Made by Musicians, For Musicians

One of the Summit’s sponsors, Ableton, is a Berlin-based music software company that produces and distributes the music sequencing software Ableton Live as well as their own software controller, Ableton Push. Ableton’s mission to provide top quality products to musicians worldwide while striving for self improvement as a company is a breath of fresh air for the industry and a model way to operate a business.

Ableton’s team is a diverse, intellectually rich group built upon mutual learning experiences. Many of the employees are musicians, producers, and DJ’s which allows them to have a personal attachment to the products they are distributing. Being a community dominantly comprised of musicians sets Ableton apart from other software companies due primarily to their ability to see the product through a refined lens. Being able to relate to their consumers is what makes Ableton a force to be reckoned with.

The Summit is fortunate and fervent to have Ableton as a sponsor this year. As part of their participation, they will be giving a workshop on Tuesday, November 10th entitled The Project-Based Music Class: How the Latest Tech Brings Musical Creativity to the Masses.

Summary: Don’t let your music class get stuck behind the times! During this workshop Will Kuhn, Music Technology Instructor at Lebanon High School in Ohio, will take you inside his cutting edge music technology classes. See how his students produce EDM, Pop, Hip Hop and more using the latest tech available.

The 2015 City Music Summit will be held at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City on November 9-11. Register today.



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