Five-Week Alumni Advice: Nicolina

This is a guest post by Nicolina from BCMN site Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center in Midland, Pennsylvania. Nicolina attended Five-Week in 2015.


What did you find most rewarding about your Five-Week experience? What I found most rewarding about the Five-Week was the level of intensity in the classes and ensembles that pushed me to want to be a better vocalist. You’re never going to be perfect there is always something to be working on; the students and the faculty helped me strengthen my weaknesses.

What surprised you most about your experience? Something that surprised me about Five-Week was the amount of raw talent and dedication pouring out of all the students. It was so inspiring to see all these kids coming in from all over the world to focus on their instrument.

What piece of advice would you give a student who is attending for the first time? Put yourself out there. Have confidence in your music because it’s your music and nobody writes or plays your music better than you. I realized at Five-Week that nobody is better or worse than you-they are different and that’s what makes our music unique. Take every opportunity. You get to work with some amazing people and perform at some awesome venues. Keep in mind you’re around some of the most talented people in the world- use that to your advantages.

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