Five Week Alumni Advice: Dustin

This is a guest post by Dustin from BCMN site Bahama Village Music Program in Key West, Florida. Dustin attended five-week in 2015.


What did you find most rewarding about your five-week experience? The Five week program is rewarding program that influences and inspires the younger generation to pursue music and to enhance their musical skills. The reason I say this is because I learned more about the music and the different styles there are when I attended the program than I did before. The program is very rewarding in senses that it is up to the student to do the work instead of parents telling them to did it or the teacher asking if they have done their work. They are treated as actual college students and have college like schedules.

What surprised you most about your experience? The surprising thing about the program is the amount of students that attended. I figured that with the music industry and the artificial music that is being created with autotune and such that there would be a decline in people playing musical instruments. How friendly the community was to the students attending the five week program and the staff was very helpful when I asked for directions or was curious about a place.

What piece of advice would you give a student who is attending for the first time? For the the new comers of the five week this a little piece of advice. Be your self and have a wonderful time with your class mates and go out and explore the surrounding city. If you think you seen it all you would be mistaken. Don’t be afraid afraid to talk to new people because they might have something in common with you.




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