Introducing the 2016 City Music Summit Master Class Bands

Here are the Berklee City Music Network Sites that will be representing at the Berklee City Music Summit Master Class Bands.


Live! Modern School of Music  Miami, FL

Live! Modern School of Music’s integral mission is to cater to the individual, transgressing conventional music education into a more contemporary approach that involves communication of ideas, creativity, and expression.

Director: Juan Diaz
Ensemble Director: Zach Larmer
Students Performing: Sasha Crews (Voice), David Lehr (Bass), Teddy Kingsbury (Keyboard), Mason Porter-Brown (Guitar), and Cristian Acevedo (Drums).


Tipitina’s Foundation  New Orleans, LA

Tipitina’s Foundation supports Louisiana and New Orleans’ irreplaceable music community and preserves the state’s unique musical cultures. The Foundation was established to promote childhood music education, the professional development of adult musicians, and the increased profile and viability of Louisiana music as a cultural, educational, and economic resource.

Executive Director: Bethany Paulsen
Artistic Director:
Donald Harrison
Students Performing:
Brian Richburg (Drums), Ian Kelly (Baritone Sax), Masha Davey (Piano), Anthony Beavers (Alto Sax), Dylan Caillouet (Bass), Diji Diallo (Trumpet), Dernell Lewis (Bass), and Kevin Gullage (Piano and Vocals)

Jazz Ed Logos-03.pngSeattle JazzEd  Seattle, WA

Seattle JazzED empowers students of all skill
levels and backgrounds to realize their full potential through exceptional music education.

Executive Director: Laurie de Koch
Ensemble Director: Kelly Barr Clingan
Students Performing:
Isabel Russak (Drums), Fredos Al-Haider (Trumpet), Julia Tanner (Guitar), Lauren Martinez (Trumpet), Amy Gore (Tenor Sax), Colby Lamson-Gordon (Bass), Emily Ko (Trombone), and Anne Pham (Alto Sax).


Camden Repertory Theatre  Camden, NJ

Camden Repertory Theater is dedicated to providing opportunities for urban communities to discover the power of performing arts through theater arts training and performance. Programs serve school-aged youth to adults; by partnering these diverse voices with acclaimed artists, the results have a lasting impact beyond the performance to broaden cultural horizons.

Executive Director: Desi Seck
Ensemble Director: Jojo Streeter
Students Performing: Joshua Sims (Trumpet), Brandon Ramos (Trombone), Randy Thompson (Tenor Sax), Justin Lane (Bass), Iyonna Herbert (Drums), Deshawn Casraiss (Keyboard), Isaiah Rivera (Keyboard), and Dawn Casraiss (Alto Sax).


Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz & Performing Arts  Philadelphia, PA

The mission of the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz & Performing Arts is to further the level of art and culture in the community. This goal is accomplished through promoting the development of talent and providing opportunities for the growth of the performing artist specifically, with a special emphasis in instrumentalists.

Executive Director: Donald Gardner
Artistic Director:
Lovett Hines
Students Performing: 
Bill Saurman (Trombone), Nazir Ebo (Drums), Dylan Reis (Bass), Dave Mosko (Trombone), Matthew Clarke (Alto&Baritone Sax), Joseph Block (Piano), and Tyler Dowling (Trumpet).

Read more about the Master Class Program on our Guidebook app #CityMusicSummit. Want to attend the 2016 Berklee City Music Summit? It’s not too late!


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