Erin Zanders Receives Berklee City Music Emerging Leadership Award

ezIn case you missed it, this year’s annual Berklee City Music Summit took place in Newark, NJ from November 10th to the 12th. Hosted by Berklee City Music Network (BCMN) partner New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the 2016 Summit may have been the best one yet, with content ranging from thought-provoking addresses, engaging panels with industry professionals, and of course awe-inspiring performances from talented, musical youth from across the country!

The Summit also offered an opportunity to honor four Network partners with Distinguished Service Awards. The Berklee City Music Distinguished Service Awards highlight individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to BCMN. One such honoree was Erin Zanders, the Operations Manager for the Community Music School in Raleigh, North Carolina. Erin was awarded the Emerging Leadership Award, which is given to a staff or faculty member who upholds the BCMN mission, actively participates in teacher training/BCMN events, provides leadership within their own organization as well as that of the greater network, encourages student development, serves as a role model, takes part in BCMN scholarship fundraising, and makes a positive impact on their community.

Erin Zanders has certainly exemplified emerging leadership since taking on her role at the Community Music School in November of 2014. In her own words, Zanders is “strongly committed to helping people of all means and experience levels to develop their love of the arts.” She has continually upheld this commitment through her tireless, day-to-day operations of the school and her activeness with the students. Her positive attitude, combined with her diligence and professionalism makes her the worthy candidate of the Emerging Leadership Award.

The Community Music School of Raleigh, NC has offered music education to students with limited financial resources since opening its doors in 1994. The school has been recognized both locally and nationally for its positive influence on the lives of over 2,000 students. Through both private and ensemble training, the school’s talented team of educators and staff provide students with tools and resources that will help them build musical, skill sets that will enrich all aspects of their lives.


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