Free Trial of Flipcause, a Unique Fundraising Solution


The Berklee City Music Network aims to provide its partners with numerous resources, including opportunities to partner with great companies like Flipcause. Flipcause helps non-profits achieve fundraising goals through an integrated system that uses a variety of tools.

Flipcause provides intuitive software that will make your fundraising efforts a breeze! With Flipcause’s user friendly, easy to navigate interface, you will spend less time on tedious tasks and more time focusing on your organization’s cause.  Check out this video below to learn more about Flipcause.

Flipcause has a proven track record for helping non-profits meet and even exceed their fundraising goals. For example, Hilary Palanza, founder of Palanza Dance, an arts organization in San Francisco, says, “Flipcause has been a great way for my dance company to raise more donations, sell tickets to our performances, and learn about our supporters—all from a single place.”

As a generous offer, Flipcause is extending a 30-day FREE trial to all Berklee City Music Network Partners. To take advantage of this offer, please contact Flipcause’s Director of Community Development, Derrick Cagaanan at

In addition, on January 17th at 1pm EST there will be a group webinar where Network members can view a live demo of Flipcause.  If you would like to take part in this webinar, you can register using this link:

We know Flipcause is sure to provide results which will not disappoint. Check out everything Flipcause has to offer and learn more about their product on their site:





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