Software in the classroom with MAGIX

mgxThe Berklee City Music Network is fortunate to be able to partner with some outstanding companies. One such company is MAGIX, a leader in multimedia software. With MAGIX, both beginners and professionals alike can create, design, edit, archive or present videos, music, photos, graphics and websites. Plus, with user-friendly, state of the art technology, MAGIX allows for seamless sharing of multimedia files over the internet. With a passion for innovation, MAGIX has certainly made a mark in the media, music and tech worlds, having won over 1000 awards!

grafik-420-arrangement-mx-intMAGIX can also be used in the classroom to teach media literacy, a subject which is becoming essential to practically all future careers. Students can learn the basics of things like video editing and production, sound design, digital audio editing and publishing, web design, and photo editing, just to name a few. MAGIX products allow educators maximum time saving through tight lessons with quick results. As a member of the Berklee City Music Network, you and your organization are eligible for a discount on MAGIX software of up to 80% off! A copy of a photo ID and a document with a valid seal or original letterhead from your educational institution will need to be provided. To learn more about MAGIX and to take advantage of this offer, please visit:

As always, BCMN strives to offer its partners the utmost in resources, products and materials from the latest and greatest across the music industry. Thanks to generous companies like MAGIX, BCMN is able to uphold this commitment.


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