Amazing Grace: A Goal to Give Back to the Community After Berklee City Music

Grace_Mann_HeadShotAfter spending many years involved with the talented performers and professionals at Berklee, Grace Mann is excited to be finishing up her studies and graduate from college. Since the 7th grade, Grace has been part of the City Music Boston family and it has opened doors to perfecting her craft as a songwriter, as well as exposing her to the aspects of non-profit management for the arts. “After all this time, it’s pretty crazy that I am graduating from the school. I’ve met some amazing people. I’m so thankful for my experiences.”

In middle school, Grace was fortunate to be recognized for her talents by Berklee City Music Boston and she later participated in multiple Five-Week-Summer-Performance events. “I realized at Five-Week that I could do anything that I wanted to do in music. I really enjoyed songwriting and I wanted to explore more outside of performing on stage. Talent definitely can be in different forms.” Eventually, she was awarded a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and Grace was exposed to numerous intensive programs focused on electronic production, songwriting, and vocals. Also, she noticed an opportunity to become involved in the Berklee Women and Action group on campus to support the initiatives of young women at the college.

Grace_Mann-colorIt was the Berklee City Music program that later inspired Grace to get involved in other outreach organizations such as Head Count, which registers people to vote at concerts, in addition to participating on several campus activities at the college. Grace enjoyed collaborating with other students to host and invite special guests that offered advice to young women with aspirations to pursue a career in music. She was also inspired by her teacher Melissa Ferrick, who she first met at a songwriting competition at school. “I had never written a song to be performed on stage and she was one of my judges. Melissa was a wonderful mentor to me and I developed a close relationship with her. I was able to work with her on other student-run productions helping with the audition process, rehearsals and supporting the performers.”

While at Berklee, Grace has been very busy balancing her classes, working part-time for the President of the school, and she has written and produced a few songs. Not too long ago, one of Grace’s songs that she co-wrote with another Berklee student was selected by an artist to perform at the Essence festival in Atlanta. “I couldn’t attend the event while I was in classes, but it was crazy to see someone perform my song on a huge stage! I love to see something that I created come to life through someone else’s ability to share the story.”

Soon, Grace will start a new chapter in her life with a move to New York City and a desire to accomplish some amazing things in her future. She will be attending graduate school at the New School to study Arts Management and Entrepreneurship and she can’t wait to explore a new city, make new friends, and discover the next stage in her life.

Listen to Grace share her experiences at Berklee in this
and her plans for the future. 



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