Berklee City Music Welcomes Woodlawn Musical Arts, Entertainment and Industry Program

Photo credit: Woodlawn Music Tech

In a city where history is profound and culture is abundant, the music scene in Birmingham, Alabama has infinite potential. Up until six years ago that potential was essentially untapped. “Opportunities for students to participate in arts-related programs are minimal. The need for expanded opportunities for learning arts technology and to gain exposure to the entertainment industry are virtually non-existent,” explains Dr. Henry Panion, III, President of the Woodlawn Musical Arts, Entertainment and Industry Program.

Photo credit: Woodlawn Music Tech at Audiostate 55 Entertainment

Fortunately, Dr. Panion established the program as the education component of Audiostate 55 Recording Studios and Entertainment Company. The programs offered through Audiostate 55 are a result of many years of designing community arts programs, continued learning teacher training, job shadowing, and professional development in the area of contemporary music, music technology, and the entertainment industry.

Woodlawn is one of Berklee City Music Network’s newest members and the first member from Alabama. We  look forward to working with them and seeing their students flourish.