Britani Washington Has Something Important to “Say to You”

“I never doubt my talent as an artist and the ability to use my voice to educate others.” – Britani Washington, Berklee College of Music Student (Class 2018)

Britani_WashingtonAt an early age, Britani took classes at East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, a Berklee City Music Network partner, and she gained a greater appreciation for jazz and other genres of music. The program was invaluable and it eventually helped her and her sister to secure scholarships at Berklee College of Music to pursue their education and passion for the arts. At a very young age, Britani started singing in church with her family. It has been her faith in God that has kept her focused on reaching her goals. Yet, it wasn’t until she came to Berklee that she gained the confidence to make a career as a soloist.

Britani recalls, “I never thought that I would become an artist on my own. I was comfortable singing in groups and in the church choir. Yet, the experiences in school have helped to shape my artistry and my musical abilities to believe in my talents.”

Britani is now taking center stage singing and dancing at performances on campus and she’s excited to share her new songs to a large audience. She suggests to young performers to “find a mentor, or I would watch numerous videos of other artists perform. We all have difficult days but believe in yourself, treat it like a 9-5 job, and make that commitment!” 

Over the years, Britani recalls some of the remarkable teachers that had inspired her to become the woman and vocalist she is today. She reflected on some of her experiences singing in church, high school, the classes at East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, as well as her collaboration with the faculty at Berklee College of Music. Each experience has instilled wonderful values that have kept her focused on pursuing a future career in the music business. For 45 years, the East Bay Center has been partnering with local school districts in the Bay Area creating a high-quality arts education programs for all. Students learn about vocal performance, playing instruments, dance, theater and digital media. Britani also enjoyed working alongside Tia Fuller, Tanya Butler, and other Berklee professors, while listening to some of her favorite artists from the Bay Area such as HerMusic and KehlaniMusic.


Listen to her full interview and learn more about her childhood experiences, as well as Britani’s future aspirations. Britani is thrilled to release her first music video featuring her song “Say to You,” and she hopes to encourage others to be strong, confident, and follow their dreams!

Watch now “Say to You,” a song and music video by Britani Washington