49th Network Member – Dixon Hall Music School

Dixon Hall Music in Toronto, Canada is the 49th Berklee City Music Network member.  Dixon Hall Music School provides low-cost private lessons on 15 different instruments, group and ensemble classes, seasonal music camps, and affordable instrument rentals for over 300 students ages 3-19 in the surrounding community of Regent Park, Moss Park, and St. Lawrence Neighborhoods in Toronto.  In operation since 1978, the school has a dedicated facility in the heart of the Garden District and has a robust community standing, providing students ample performance opportunities and exposure to local arts performances through a free concert ticket program.

Be sure to check out their website to learn more: http://www.dixonhall.org/our-services/music-school


Sarah McLachlan School of Music Joins the Berklee City Music Network


On August 15, 2013 Sarah McLachlan School of Music became Berklee City Music’s first international member organization.

Based in Vancouver, British Colombia, the organization has a vision to “encourage students to develop a lifelong love the the arts and a greater sense of themselves.” Through music education, they work to inspire “Confidence, Connection, Creativity Collaboration, and Community.”

Sarah Mclachlan School of Music serves at-risk youth in Vancouver at no cost. Students in 4th-12th grade are offered high quality instruction in contemporary and classical forms of guitar, piano, percussion, voice, choir, songwriting, ensemble, music and video production, DJing, beatboxing, and electronic music.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: RUSH

After making one of the most memorable acceptance speeches in history, Rush’s Alex Lifeson (guitarist) and his band mates, Geddy Lee (vocalist and bassist) and Neil Peart (drummer) received long overdue recognition for their contribution to the rock and roll community at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

After forming their band in 1968 and reforming it again in 1974, Rush never sought to exploit a mainstream sound.  Using influences from blues, heavy metal, progressive rock, new wave, reggae and funk, Rush has sold an estimated 40 million units worldwide. During the induction speech, Dave Grohl explained that Rush has a fan base “rivaled only by the Grateful Dead.”

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how Rush became so successful while rarely being played on popular radio stations. An article in Rolling Stone magazine explains, “Rush’s initial success was based on diligent touring, as the group established itself first in Canada and then the northern U.S., then gradually expanded its following despite limited airplay.”

This initial success has been sustained throughout their forty-year career.

You never know what style Rush will come out with next, but it is their innovative spirit and musical talent that will keep them relevant for decades to come.

Check out Rush on our updated Rock and Roll Summer playlist: