Wilmington Youth Jazz Band 9th Annual Concert

Woodwind and horn line

On the afternoon of May 19th 2013 the Wilmington Youth Jazz Band held its 9th Annual Concert at the Eastside Charter School in Wilmington Delaware.  Wilmington Youth Jazz Band supporters and fans gathered for what proved to be a fantastic musical performance.  The evening began with an encouraging speech by the First Lady of Delaware, Mrs. Carla Markell, who stressed the importance of music in shaping the lives of youth in the Wilmington community and throughout the state of Delaware.

The evening continued  as Berklee Alumna, Mrs. Fostina Dixon-Kilgoe, directed the Wilmington Youth Jazz Band in a crowd rousing performance that featured jazz classics such as Recorda-me by Joe Henderson, Better Get Hit In Your Soul by Charles Mingus, Red Clay by Freddie Hubbard and much more.  The evening culminated with an awards ceremony that awarded deserving members of the group with nearly two thousand dollars in scholarships and gifts.

This annual event marks the start of a busy performance season for the band, where they will be performing a variety of events such as the Dover African Festival and Friends of Woodlawn Summer Music Series.  In addition, the band was selected as a finalist for the City of Wilmington Spotlight music competition that is held June 2nd at the Grand Opera House.

Mrs. Markell Fostina 2
From left to right: Carla Markell, First Lady of Delaware, and Fostina Dixon-Kilgoe, Founder and Executive Director of Wilmington Youth Jazz Band